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I was born in Scansano (GR) in 1968.
In 1987 I obtained a Diploma in 'Istituto Magistrale "ROSA STAMPA" of Vercelli.
Moved by the force of art, in the same year I started attending classes from local artists, learning the art of oil painting on canvas for many years, it remained the only passion, also participating in exhibitions and events in the area .
In 2001, the passion becomes my only job. Start working with some companies in the Province of Turin, Novara and Pavia, in the Piedmont region, in the restoration of some buildings of historical significance under the tutelage of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, thus acquiring the knowledge of the materials and techniques of the past.

Driven by a desire to follow my career path, I started to do work on my own, motivated by the need to create my own style of painting, so I created works by combining materials and techniques of the past as the fresco integrated in the interior design. These works are the result of a new interpretation of the "old fresco technique".

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